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Nine Loves Anthology Jennifer Wilck




Nine Loves

Imagine finding a box containing a battered baby animal on your doorstep. Now imagine this innocent being bleeding from his wounds, barely clinging to life. Unfortunately, these incidents are all too real for the people working in animal shelters across the United States.

Stories of animals being abused and neglected by the very people they’ve learned to trust for their care have become far too common. One such story, that of a kitten dyed purple and used as a bait dog chew toy, reminds us of such evils. Yet it also helps turn our attention to the selfless groups of people standing in the gap to protect these precious lives.

While following the progress of the purple kitten (aptly dubbed Smurf), ten Rebel authors decided to put words to the page to support The Nine Lives Foundation, a no-kill shelter for cats and kittens, whatever their need. While Smurf has found a new human to adore him and a forever home, countless other animals aren’t nearly as fortunate.

With that in mind, Rebel Ink Press is proud to present our 2016 Charity project, Nine Loves, a collection of short stories featuring underdogs, second chances, and hope against all odds type tales. A donation in Smurf’s honor will be made to The Nine Lives Foundation from all copies sold and we thank you in advance for your purchase!


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